• These custom progressive rate springs are designed for the Ford Raptor F150 GEN 3. We are offering a +2.5" front spring set that will level your truck out with stock rears AND the option of a +2" HD rear spring set that will leave it with a raked look and stronger rear

    These springs will work with the live valve suspension. Each time the truck starts the computer resets and will adjust.

    They will accommodate up to a 37" tire. Inner fender trimming may be required depending on your tires and offset.

    Photos show truck running 37” YOKOHAMA GEOLANDERS with 20”X10” VOSSEN offset -18 and +2.5" front springs, +2" rear springs. Last photo shows truck with 700lb in rear with +2 rear springs.

    Simply change the spring and you are ready to roll. Wall mounted spring compressor recommended.

    Powder Coated Gloss Silver